This Is What It’s Like To Be a Woman Running for President in Age of Donald Trump by Jane Eisner, editor of The Forward

So this is what it’s like to be a woman running for President of the United States. You share the stage in last night’s second debate with a man who just days before was heard joking on tape that he forced himself on women, kissed them without permission and described their bodies in vulgar terms, and he’s allowed to justify all this as mere “locker room talk.”

The Big Orange Shofar by Rabbi Mike Rothbaum

While it may make us feel good, or even smug, to say that we’re better than Mr. Trump, to do so would miss the point of this time of year. Our reaction to Trump’s candidacy, instead, is an invitation to look at our own actions, as individuals and in Jewish community. What if we saw him not just as a man who evokes hatred and fear, but as a walking talking wake-up call, a big orange shofar reminding us to get our own houses in order?