Mission:  To disseminate diverse and substantive Jewish opposition to Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

Values statement: As Jews, we oppose the candidacy of Donald Trump to become the President of the United States.  The moral wisdom of our tradition fortifies our stance, and our history of persecution testifies to the imperative to speak out.



  • Donald Trump’s rhetoric has unwaveringly targeted American minorities, including and especially Muslims as a religious minority.  He exploits Americans’ fears and insecurities, seeking to persecute those in society’s margins in alleged advancement of a white majority.
  • Donald Trump repeatedly and unapologetically promotes himself as a singular and dominating leader.  He disregards expert opinion, honorable military and civil service, and political allegiance, arguing that he and he alone possesses all that is necessary to govern America.
  • These aspects of Donald Trump’s public persona–even setting aside his personal attitudes and ethics–are anathema to the Jewish experience.  Our moral tradition and our history of persecution demand our vocal opposition to his candidacy for President.
  • In addition to our familiarity with persecution as a religious minority and our testimony against despotic leadership, we as Jews also denounce Donald Trump’s stance against the world.  Our tradition encourages us to honor alliances, to respect sovereign governments, and to work assiduously for peace.  
  • We feel particular concern for the State of Israel, which cannot rely upon the promises of support from a candidate who routinely lies.  Israel requires in American leadership a steady hand, a willingness to abide by international commitments, and a sense of diplomacy that can serve as a partner to the State of Israel in its tenuous geopolitical position.  We are unambiguous in this assertion: A Donald Trump Presidency would be bad for Israel.