No, Jewish Conservatives Haven’t Been Silent on Trump. They’ve Been Leading the Resistance. by Yair Rosenberg

In fact, because they began opposing Trump in the GOP primary, conservative Jews were some of the earliest and most vociferous critics of his candidacy, alongside the party’s Mormons. (To anyone who has been paying attention to Republican anti-Trump resistance this election, it should not surprise that the third party anti-Trump conservative ticket consists of a Mormon and a Jew.) …

To be sure, the Republican Jewish Coalition has not repudiated Trump. But as The Wall Street Journal reported in May, while “Republican Jewish Coalition board members gave $16.5 million to Romney in 2012… They gave $5400 to Trump through May.” A broader analysis last month at Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight found that while 70 percent of Jewish donor money went to Obama in 2012, 95 percent went to Clinton in 2016, thanks to Republican Jewish donors abandoning Trump. (In this regard, Sheldon Adelson, who has only given $5 million of the $100 million he pledged to Trump, is the exception to the rule.)

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