This Is What It’s Like To Be a Woman Running for President in Age of Donald Trump by Jane Eisner, editor of The Forward

Last night’s town hall event in St. Louis brought it all home for me — Trump’s boastful bombast versus Clinton’s steady answers; his meanness versus her empathy. In one of the more moving questions from the audience, a woman asked what the candidates would do about the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, likening it to the Holocaust. I happen to think that President Obama’s reluctance to pursue a robust policy to stop the Syrian civil war is the greatest blot on his tenure; Clinton was secretary of state when the hostilities first began, and arguably could have done more to shape an effective response.

Still, her answer last night was solid and specific: She acknowledged that the situation is “catastrophic” and called for a no-fly zone to administer humanitarian aid. She also criticized Russia’s role in aiding the Assad regime and called for an investigation into possible war crimes.

And Trump? He blustered his way around the fact that he has effusively praised Russian leader Vladimir Putin, entirely misrepresented American nuclear capabilities and, when pressed by moderator Martha Raddatz, contradicted his own vice presidential running mate.

Imagine if a woman candidate did that, even once.

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