This Jewish Teaching Should’ve Made the GOP Denounce Trump Ages Ago by Jane Eisner, editor of The Forward

When Trump suggested that Mexicans fleeing to America for a better life were actually rapists and murderers, that was okay, because those Mexicans were other people.

When he made fun of a journalist with a disability, he got a pass because, after all, most of us are able bodied.

When he called for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States, his race for the Republican nomination zoomed ahead.

When he mocked the Muslim mother of a valorous soldier killed in combat, his words were criticized but his campaign continued.

When he finally acknowledged that President Obama was, indeed, born in America, the fact that he had pursued this racist lie for so many years seemed not to register with the party elite. Because it wasn’t about them or anybody who looked like them.

Only when he was caught on a decade-old three-minute tape boasting of attempted sexual assault, of kissing women against their will, grabbing their genitals, sounding like the predator he is, did the Grand Old Party reach its tipping point.

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