Why I’m a Jew Against Trump by Rabbi Daniel Kirzane

It’s easy to see what’s appealing in Trump’s rhetoric—everyone likes to see their own group promoted, even to the exclusion of others. But our tradition has warned against that seductive allure for centuries. As we read in the Talmud, “It has been taught: Rabbi Eleazar the Great said: ‘Why does Torah warn 36 times—and some say 46 times—about [wronging] the stranger? Because wickedness is [part of] human nature’” (Bava Metzia 59b). Our religious tradition urges us again and again not to succumb to the temptation to demonize the most vulnerable members of our society. Our people’s history and the moral code we’ve developed over the centuries both exhort us to reject the fearmongering and scapegoating so central to Donald Trump’s campaign.

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