What are we up to now?

Jews Against Trump was designed as a campaign effort to prevent Donald Trump from being elected president.  Currently, we have joined the broader Jewish movement of progressive social justice Bend the Arc Jewish Action (jewishaction.us).  For current updates and action items, please refer to Bend the Arc.

Hundreds of Jewish Activists Travel to Swing States for Bend the Arc’s Anti-Trump ‘Let My People GOTV’ Initiative

As Jews, we have seen this kind of hatred before, and organizing in these key states is critical to making sure that Trump’s bigotry is rejected by the American people on Election Day. We are committed to standing with the targets of Trump’s hateful rhetoric—immigrants, Muslims, women and people of color—by mobilizing voters to ensure his defeat.

My sexual assault, and yours: Every woman’s story by Danielle Berrin

Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women have done this country a great favor: Finally, women’s stories of sexual assault and harassment have claimed the national conversation. Female exploitation and abuse at the hands of those in power is a condition that too many of us have had to live with for too long. My hope is that the more we share our stories, the more it will prompt a collective soul-searching for the kind of society we want to live in.

The Damnable Flip-Flops That Prove Donald Trump is Bad for Israel by Rabbi Daniel Kirzane

In addition to my grave concerns for an America held hostage by a Trump presidency, I also fear for the security and prosperity of the State of Israel. Left-leaning former President of Israel Shimon Peres completely dismissed Trump and right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Trump’s plan to ban all Muslims—including more than a million Israeli citizens—from stepping foot on America’s soil. Regardless of politics, Trump’s danger to Israel isn’t about ideology – it’s about unreliability.